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Thesis synonym dictionary

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thesis synonym dictionary



Borrowed right from Latinthesis, because of Early Greekθέσις(thésis, “a idea, any record, the matter put down decrease, thesis for rhetoric, thesis through prosody”).



thesis (pluraltheses)

  1. A affirmation established through arguments.
  2. A developed essay or dissertation, specifically a single published intended for a universitydegree.
    • Goldsmith
      I assured all of them about the particular serious, getting, and additionally stylish deportment they should certainly anticipate with this kind of mystical occasions, together with learn individuals several homilies plus a thesis for my own creating, to help you be prepared them.
  3. (logic) A powerful affirmations, as well as variation with the supposition and / or hypothesis.
  4. (music) The particular accented piece with this assess, expressed by just the actual downhill beat; the particular reverse of arsis.
  5. (poetry) That despair involving the voice for pronouncing that syllables for the word.
  6. (poetry) Any area of developing abilities metrical shoe about that these sort of an important a depressive disorder falls.

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statement backed simply by arguments

written composition posted regarding a new university or college degree

  • Arabic: أُطْرُوحَة‎ f(ʾuṭrūḥa)
  • Armenian: ատենախոսություն (hy)(atenaxosutʿyun), դիսերտացիա (hy)(disertacʿia), դիպլոմային աշխատանք(diplomayin ašxatankʿ)
  • Asturian: tesis f
  • Catalan: tesi doctoral (ca) f, tesi (ca) f
  • Chinese:
    Mandarin: 論文 (zh), 论文 (zh)(lùnwén)
  • Czech: diplomová práce f
  • Danish: afhandling c, disputats c
  • Dutch: proefschrift (nl) n, scriptie (nl) f
  • Finnish: tutkielma (fi), opinnäytetyö (fi); diplomityö (fi); väitöskirja (fi)
  • French: thèse (fr) f
  • Galician: tese (gl) f, tese de doutoramento f
  • German: Abschlussarbeit (de) f, Bachelorarbeit (de) f, Masterarbeit (de) f, Diplomarbeit (de) f, Doktorarbeit (de) f, Dissertation (de) f (only doctoral thesis)
  • Gujarati: મહાશોધ નિબંધ(mahāśodh nibandh)
  • Hebrew: תזה‎ (he) f(teza)
  • Hungarian: diplomamunka
  • Indonesian: disertasi (id)
  • Italian: tesi (it) f

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From Latinthesis, by The ancient Greekθέσις(thésis, “a task, some assertion, a new thesis synonym thesaurus installed lower, thesis within unsupported claims, thesis in prosody”).

thesis synonym dictionary



thesis f (pluralthesesorthesissen, diminutivethesisje n)

  1. thesis
    Synonyms:dissertatie, proefschrift



From Traditional Greekθέσις(thésis, “a proposal, an important statement, some problem set downwards, thesis on rhetoric, thesis throughout prosody”).



thesis f (genitivethesis); third declension

  1. thesis


Third declension.


thesis synonym dictionary

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