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A knowledge deity is without a doubt your deity through mythology connected together with expertise, intelligence, or even cleverness.

African mythology

Ancient Egyptian

  • Neith, goddess from time to time tied in using wisdom
  • Thoth, formerly a celestial satellite deity, after grew to be the almighty in information along with scribe for this gods
  • Sia, a deification from wisdom
  • Seshat, goddess from intelligence, education, and additionally authoring.

    good knowledge

    Scribe with any gods. Because of by using your technology involving publishing and additionally typically the alphabet.

    good education in/of

    Afterward demoted for you to consort associated with Thoth.

West African

  • Anansi, the particular search engine spider trickster in addition to style involving most of experiences, greatest well-known with Akan and Ashanti folklore; in respect to help a lot of stories, at the same time initiator in typically the sunshine, silent celestial body not to mention movie stars, plus coach involving farming so that you can humans
  • Orunmila, our god regarding intelligence, education, and also divination

Armenian mythology

  • Anahit, non thesis doctoral programs in wisdom
  • Tir, all the who of drafted dialect, education and learning, rhetoric, perception, together with a arts

Caribbean mythology

  • Papa Good know-how, loa in language, connection, becoming familiar with, not to mention mom or dad in crossroads

Celtic mythology

  • Ogma, an important figure coming from Irish together with Scottish mythology, mentioned in order to experience developed your Ogham alphabet

Chinese mythology

Etruscan mythology

  • Menrva, goddess about intelligence, fight, weaving, along with medicine

Greek mythology

  • Athena, Olympian goddess associated with perception, weaving, as well as world war strategy
  • Cecrops, legendary Athenian cal .

    king who made a Decorative alphabet. He was first half-snake.

  • Coeus, Titan from intellect
  • Metis, that Titan goddess associated with wisdom (what the girl brand basically means).

    good knowledge

    Mum for Athena.

Hindu mythology

  • Saraswati, goddess regarding information, imagination in addition to speech
  • Brihaspati, Wizard regarding all the gods, bestower cost flight practical knowledge and even eloquence
  • Shukra, Expert about any demons, bestower for knowledge
  • Dakshinamurthy, attribute in the actual lord Shiva since some guru and even bestower for knowledge
  • Hayagriva, lord connected with know-how and also wisdom
  • Gayatri, goddess about expertise as well as Hindu excellent knowledge, goddess in wisdom

Hittite mythology

  • A'as, lord from wisdom
  • Kamrusepa
  • Joanna, goddess in everyday living with globe, knowledge, and maidens

Japanese mythology

  • Benzaiten, some Nippon style regarding Saraswati, goddess in all kinds of things that flows: the water, phrases, address, eloquence, tunes and additionally by just file format, knowledge.
  • Fukurokuju, who about perception and also longevity
  • Kuebiko, very good skills fin connected with knowledge along with agriculture
  • Omoikane, Shinto jesus in wisdom and additionally intelligence
  • Tenjin, oplagt with scholarship

Middle Japanese mythology

  • Al-Kutbay, Nabataean jesus involving know-how and schrijven jeep een wetenschappelijk essaytyper, fin in thinking ability, projects, mischief, normal water, plus creation
  • Nabu, Babylonian who involving information and writing
  • Nidaba, Sumerian goddess of posting, studying, and additionally all the harvest

Muisca mythology

  • Bochica, messenger the almighty in knowledge

Norse mythology

  • Odin, god of intelligence that nonetheless often continues exploring just for additional knowledge; tied in using your runes
  • Frigg, she is mentioned in order to understand the actual foreseeable future, although by no means explains to.

    Your some soon after goddesses may possibly end up being hypostases in her.

  • Sága, goddess involving wisdom
  • Snotra, goddess associated having wisdom
  • Vör, goddess affiliated along with wisdom
  • Numerous mild cartoon figures for Norse mythology beneficial education proclaimed to make sure you end up incredibly intelligent, even though there are normally virtually no circumstance regarding all of them indicating this unique assumed wisdom:
    • Dwarfs, particularly Alviss, whoever identify implies "all-wise".

      Thor may keep them out of marrying his particular little simply by hard your pet to make sure you your information match that is maintained all of day.

      good knowledge

      He or she is switched to help you gemstone simply by this ascending sun.

    • Elfs possibly
    • Heimdallr
    • Kvasir
    • Mimir
    • Tyr
    • Utgard-Loki, whereas not even straight up claimed in order to fine awareness intelligent, he's prominent for the purpose of staying the merely massive in order to end up being cleverer as opposed to this gods and also acquiring to evade with an individual's life
    • Vafthrudnir, a new good jotunn Odin wants away for you to obstacle that will a new wisdom contest
    • the Vanir on general

Persian mythology

  • Anahita, goddess for wisdom
  • Ahura Mazda, Zoroastrian lord of lgt, benevolence, construction, truth, and additionally perfect wisdom
  • Chista, goddess connected with intelligence together with education, this girl brings all the mortals to be able to the actual best suited solution inside life plus the particular afterlife; your woman is actually moreover that goddess associated with faith on Zoroastrian energy intake mythology

    Roman mythology

    • Egeria, water nymph who seem to will provide knowledge and also prediction for yield just for libations about normal water as well as get located at her sacred grove
    • Fabulinus, that goodness which will teach babies to be able to speak
    • Minerva, goddess of knowledge in addition to the particular Roman the same about Athena
    • Providentia, goddess for forethought

    Slavic mythology

    • Gamayun, image involving understanding in addition to wisdom

    Turco-Mongol mythology

    • Mergen, deity for great quantity and also information.

      Mergen is a symbol of thinking ability along with thought.


    Odin self-sacrificing him or her self for you to gain understanding regarding that runes.
    A Saraswati statue in some park.
    Wodan and additionally Frea by way of Emil Doepler.
    Anahita Fishing boat, 300-500 Ad, Sasanian, Iran, silver together with gilt - Cleveland Art gallery decent information Art form : DSC08130

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